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I love red velvet cake, glitter, music, car washes, and nail polish. I am a southern belle with a hint of cajun class. Starting this blog was a challenge to do something I WANTED to do not because I HAD to.

Monday, July 16, 2012

southern celebration

This past weekend my closest friends (the omega crew) packed up and headed to New Orleans to celebrate many things!  Birthdays, grad school, law school, life changes, friendships, and of course just an excuse to hang out!  The trip was filled with laughter and fun.  We walked downtown NOLA and I was just in awe!  Every time I visit there is always something new that excites me.

I think I have decided that I want to retire on St. Charles in one of those HUGE GORGEOUS mansions!  What do you think? I guess I better start saving now...one of my favorite parts of the trip was riding the trolley and just taking in the view of the scenery.

My mom gave me some bracelets from Lilly Pultizer and inclosed in the package was a disposable camera.  I definitely took advantage of being silly with this new toy of mine!  Most of the pictures I took from the weekend are on there and I will just have to wait and get it developed to relive most of the memories.  I did get to capture some great moments other wise.

E and her new boyfriend

loved this

interesting art in nola

the omegas

my favorite blue dog for the moment!
life is a bouquet of color

sassy and classy in all things pink

found an amazing sir fidel in a shop in the french quarter

gorgeous balcony

can I live here...please?

joke of the night: my shirt was the color of a traffic cone so I had to pose like one with one :)
A big thanks to my omega girls for making the weekend oh so fabulous!  I love all of you so so so much! Until our next adventure....cruise at Christmas? uh yes!!!!


  1. Julie, I'm so jealous. It's been a while since our last visit to New Orleans. I love the street cars. They are my favorite, too. There's so much culture in a 30 minute ride on the street car.

    Eat a poboy for me while you're there. (go to Mother's Restaurant on Poydras....they are the best)

  2. Stephen and I were there in February right after Mardi Gras... I absolutely adore NOLA!