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Sunday, July 22, 2012

beta blc

Beta BLC is in full swing!  This week is spectacular.  Betas coming together from all over the country to learn more about being a better leader.  I love the picture below...it speaks volumes.  So many betas are able to find others that feel the exact same way they do and discuss their struggles back home.  This week did not create friends, but family.

While I am listening to Donnie Thurman's "Make It Happen" presentation, I just had to share some inspiration from him.

TIME is important.  Today Is My Everything.  Make today count.  Do something for others than for yourself.

Here is another video he showed about failure ;)

And here's another....

You only get out what you put in!

Thanks Donnie for some great inspiration.  


  1. What an amazing post. I am honored to be part of your post. I truly love you, and I am thankful for the growth I saw in you this summer. :).

  2. Aw Don Juan! thank you. love you always.