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Monday, June 18, 2012

Camp: Day 1

Today was the first day of camp and what an awesome day it was!  It was filled with so many wonderful moments.  New campers nervous and excited for what will be in store for them this week!  Oh and let me just mention that this camp is for females only so a special shout out to all my gals out there!

The staff all wait patiently in the lobby of Wireman.  I am bouncing of the walls by this point. Already had my first coca-cola for the day :) Music starts and here we go!!!!!

I have council F! holla! My council has decided to call ourselves the "Fancy Fantastic Feisty Facebook Fanatics"....alright I know we got carried away with the F words....at least they are all positive ;)

Tonight Donnie Thurman Jr but known to campers as Donnie Don Juan shared a wonderful message.  He is just an awesome speaker!  I look up to him so much...he just exudes inspiration!  (Gents out there, let me just tell you he makes it difficult to find another sweet gentleman like himself) This message is really amazing along with the story!

To sum his message all up....your past does not have to create your future...you get to do that! Whoa what? yep!  If something is going on in your life and you are wanting to break free and move on.  Do it!  Just because something in your past might seem to be an obstacle, don't let it!  You choose your future.

Check out the video he shared with us tonight...

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