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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

blog crushin'

Since I started my blog almost a year ago I have come across a new hobby.  I am obsessed with reading blogs!  Fashion blogs, decorating blogs, preppy blogs, and even a blog about what Princess Kate wears!  I just learned how to set them using the RSS feed and it is so much better since I don't have all of these updates sent to my email.  

I wanted to share my favorite blogs with all of you so maybe you might find a new hobby!

What Kate Wore will update you on everything Royalty.  Even down to what pair of shoes and jewelry she wears.  One of my favorite pieces of the blog is the famous hats of course!
What Kate Wore

The Preppy Princess is written from the prepatorium (love it) located in the Mid West.  It covers everything from clothes to colleges!  Great articles to read and always allows me to learn something new.
Pink Peonies is one of my favorite fashion blogs!  She is based out of Utah and I would kill for her closet!  Pink lips, Tory Burch, and great printed pieces...so much inspiration! Not to mention that peonies have become one of my favorite flowers!
The Pink Peonies
Cupcakes and Cashmere is the most precious blog about fashion, food, make up, decorating, and a little bit of everything!  Emily does a great job of sharing with the blogasphere!  I love her style and I am always jealous of her cooking skills!
Cupcakes and Cashmere
Lastly my fav!  I just found this blog through pinterest...it is called LOVE TWENTY!  It is a blog for women in their twenties, college life, career, and everything in between.  It has multiple writers who are  primarily young college women.  I love that this blog covers what is going on in the culture of twenty something women (facebook, movies, makeup, the closing of Betsey Johnson :(, iphone apps for women)  I even quote this blog a lot!
Love Twenty
I hope you all enjoy these blogs as much as I do...I have even more that I read on a daily basis, but these will do for now!  

Tell me what you think...what blogs are you crushing on?

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