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Thursday, May 10, 2012

busy bee

Well well well....things have been a little busy since I hit the town in Bunkie! Graduations, weddings, and work.  Work?  Yes I am now working a few shifts at Dad's clinic in Marksville.  I must say I am not liking the early mornings, but if I was stuck at home every day I would be completely bored!

Mom and I have done a bit of shopping for my apartment in Hattiesburg!  I am so excited to move in August. What do you think about my bedding below? It has been 5 years since I had new bedding.  hmmm sounds like I am ready to move in and lay around in my bed! :)

I also bought a chaise lounge from Ivan Smith.  It was my first big girl purchase for the apartment.  Pawpaw came with me and we hauled it back on his trailer.  We made a short stop at Lea's in Lecompte and had pie!  If you are ever passing through Lecompte and can stop-DO IT!

Yesterday I got an email with a newsletter about my program at Southern Miss! It was filled with wonderful stories from professors, students, and great information preparing me for the fall. I think I should start a countdown!  Who's with me???

Until next time...

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