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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sweet Dreams

 This past year I did my best to remember to take a picture of where I slept.  Most people thought this job was oh so glamourous because I was flying across the country.  Well hate to break the news to ya, but it was not always 5 star, 4 star, well you get the drift.  Okay maybe the Dolce Peachtree was 5 star-certainly the breakfast.  I miss those grits already. :)

I remember sending a picture to my mom earlier and her saying, "oh gosh you stayed there?" and my reply was "omg yes mom.  I had my own bathroom there.  I was doing good!" One thing I will look forward to is sleeping in my own bed and sleeping on my amazing pillows that I spent $26 dollars a piece before I went off to college.  Since I have not bought new bedding in five years I am already in search for the perfect bedding for my new apartment in Hattiesburg.  I cannot wait to have my own space again.  It will be so nice.  
Enjoy the pics...

I could make a mess!!!!

after a little shopping was done!

What were your favorites!? :)


  1. This is one of my favorite posts. Love all the beds. Your new sleeping space in Hattiesburg will be amazing. I promise!!!

  2. This was a great idea! I totally recognize the Roberta guest dorm from NW Missouri and that was definitely one of my favorite rooms this year.

  3. Cristina-yes!!! That space was really nice. I definitely agree with you. I loved when there was a place at the university for consultants. West Georgia had a really nice place too. Huge king size bed, but I forgot the pic at that one. :(

  4. I like the Bob Marley Room. Very swanky Fletcher..!!

  5. This is so fun! I think Bob Marley is my favorite, you are a road warrior. The work you did had significant impacts on so many lives - we enjoyed your visit in DC very much!

  6. Aw Thank you Sarah!!! I loved visiting DC. It was so great to meet you as well! You are a fun adviser! Will you be at convention....if so you and my mom need to meet!