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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5 year letter

5 years ago today I graduated from high school!  Wow!  Time sure has flown by! Last week I received a letter in the mail, from myself five years ago.  Our math teacher gave us fifty points if we wrote a letter to ourselves.  She said she would mail it to us and she kept that promise!  Of course I didn't forget about the letter.  I knew it was coming in the mail and boy was I excited the day it arrived!  It was 5 pages front and back!  I also colored and decorated the pages to match the topic I was writing about.  I mean it was total high school!  When reading the letter I laughed and cried.  It was awesome.  

I loved that the main point I made in the letter. I wanted to remind myself of the good times from high school not the crazy/painful/stressful times!  Happiness was obviously very important to me at that time!  

In the letter I wrote how I knew I'd be a Phi Mu at NSU and hopefully the Duck Festival Queen!  Well both of those goals were accomplished! woohoo!

Also I talked about how I might be traveling or working on my masters in five years....well that certainly happened!  41 universities in a year for Phi Mu and now graduate school at Southern Miss in the fall!

I might just write myself a letter and not read it for another 5 years!  What do you think? I think it is a brilliant idea!

 If you could have read a letter from yourself written five years ago what would you want it to say?

here are a few pics from the graduation party...the pictures from the graduation were all blurry! :(

I just love this pic...don't hate me Kate
of course mom went all out for the partay!!
grad party decorations!

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