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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Airport Adventures: Memphis

Today has certainly been a LONG day of traveling.  I just got to Mizzou and sat down on the bed at 9:30 PM, but left my house at 11 AM to go to the airport!  Talk about crazy.  Well  most of the day was decently normal except the fact that I had to fly American to Dallas (not my favorite airline), didn't stop in Atlanta to get my usual cheese/cracker/apples tray and Caribbean way smoothie, and I sat on the aisle all three flights! When I got to Memphis I had plenty of time to actually sit down and have a meal.  There was a free spot at the bar of this Italian restaurant next to a guy wearing an LSU hat, so I thought I would be fine next to any Tiger fan.  WELL just wait till I tell you who I sat next to!

So the lady immediately asked me for my ID (I was thinking DANG I didn't even order a drink) but it was because I sat at the bar.  She was amazed by my LA id and the Canadian and NY ids that later showed up.  She told me I looked 16...great just what I want to hear.  Well maybe in 10 years that would be a compliment.  ha!  So the LSU fan next to me asked where I was going and I explained to him my job and what I did and also that I was from Louisiana.  Well he then asked me if I watched TV...that is a silly question if you know me!  I am a TV JUNKIE.  This is how the conversation went:

LSU fan: Do you watch a lot of TV?
Me: Actually yes!
LSU fan: Oh really what do you watch?
Me: You name it and I probably watch it!
LSU fan: Survivor?
Me: Nope I don't watch it.  why?
LSU fan: Do you watch A&E?
Me: No I'm not an A&E fan either.
LSU fan: Oh well I've been on survivor 3 times and I have a new show coming up on A&E where I flip houses.
(Well that is somewhat how things went)

Then some guy interrupts and says, "I'm sorry to bother you, but my wife would kill me if I told her I saw you and didn't take a picture.  Would you mind?"

I am thinking-who the heck is this guy? He must not be that big time if I don't know him. hahaha but someone is asking for his picture!

His name is Russell Hantz and his story was legit.  He showed me pictures and his new commercial promoting the new A&E show Flipped Off.  This was so weird.  We chatted about being from Louisiana and him coming to Bunkie before during the Corn Festival, attending the Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge, and also how gorgeous south Louisiana is with all of the cypress trees.  He also told me how he got on Survivor (all three times), how he is probably going to be on the 28th season of it, and how he got this new show on A&E.  He said survivor was the worst thing he's ever done! ( He said he caught a chicken with his bare hands once...hmmm.) And somewhat of the best, but the true best was this new show on A&E.

took this from google
but this was him
Let me just say it was a very entertaining dinner.  Then I get on the plane and the couple behind me asked about him.  They said they saw him walking around earlier.  He is evidently a big deal, I was just out of the loop.

Well good luck to ya Russell.  It was nice to meet you.


  1. I had to share this with my mother...she was a wee bit jealous!

  2. You forgot the part where he was obnoxiously drunk! lol ~DeShae

  3. you are right DeShae! I did forget that part. ha