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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

song in my heart

Music is my everything. Before I even get out of bed in the morning I immediately sync my phone to my jawbone jam box and find something to perk me up for the day (I am NOT a morning person). This past Christmas I asked my dad for a subscription to spotify premium so I could listen without the ads. It was one of the best gifts! 

The point I am trying to make is that music sums up my life at times without me even knowing it until that glorious 'ah ha' moment! There are people and situations I can plug into songs and think wow they wrote that song directly for me, which is obviously not the case, but I like to think that anyway.

Music improves my mood and sets my day in motion. I literally could not go a day without it. 

What are you listening to lately?

I found this picture on a tumblr today so it was the inspiration for the post. Miranda is my girl! 

Check out these albums...
Nashville cast (ABC television show)
Phillip Phillips-The World from the Side of the Moon
Florida Georgia Line-Here's to Good Times
Lauren Alaina-Wildflower
Best of Wayne Toups

:) and you need to listen to the whole album! enjoy!

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