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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Give Me Faith

Saturday I left Bunkie for Hattiesburg. I wanted to be back at my own apartment, sleep in my "college bed", and wake up and attend church on Sunday. I am so glad that I did. Being back in Hattiesburg has been much more quiet than Bunkie.  There's not four different TVs on at the same time, someone always in the kitchen, two cats running around or old friends walking through the door.
Sunday's service was amazing. Just what I needed to recharge. Don't get me wrong I loved being home for the holidays, but I missed First Hattiesburg. The last song of the worship service I wanted to share with you all.  The words ring true to so much right now in my life and I hope it can help any of you in some way.
"give me faith to trust what you say"....easier said than done right? This is always so tough for me. I always want to put matters into my own hands and that simply will not get me anywhere. "I may be weak, but you're spirit's strong in me"...I love this line. I'm not really big on new year's resolutions, but I am going to make a more conscious effort to know that I do not have to do it alone. I don't go through school alone, or study alone, or make friends alone, or overcome struggles alone. God is always right there. I just forget sometimes! "my flesh may fail, but God you never will"....how true is this!? 
Perfect example: I have been bummed out about starting my second semester without a graduate assistantship. Most of my classmates and friends all have positions on campus. Not only does this position help them financially, but with experience upon graduation. I've talked to my parents about it so many times trying to understand why I had not been able to get a position. Finally we chalked it up to that it was just not meant to be for the fall semester. God had other plans for me. I needed to focus on school and get settled. I did not realize how big of a transition this would be. Entering college as a freshman was a piece of cake for me! Entering graduate school WAS NOT a piece of cake! In the middle of the semester I adjusted well and learned how to be a student again ( a more prepared/engaged/active student). At the end of the fall semester I sent out emails to multiple people and departments about possible opportunities. No luck. So I figured well I guess I need to focus on just school again this semester.
Well folks today God did not fail me. I am excited to say I was offered a graduate assistantship in the FYI Office (First Year Initiative). This office works with new students and the orientation programs in the summer! I am so excited/happy/blessed. Things work out the way they should. The way God wants them to work out. He knows what is best.

So if any of you are kind of stuck in that "New Year rut" just have faith. Something will happen at the right time the way God wants it to happen for your life. Just surrender to him. 

Remember he loves you...all of you...just the way you are!

These are the lyrics to the song. It is called Give me Faith by Elevation Worship.
I need you to soften my heartTo break me apartI need you to open my eyesTo see that You're shaping my life
Pre Chorus:All I am,I surrender

Chorus:Give me faith to trust what you sayThat you're good and your love is greatI'm broken inside, I give you my life

Verse 2:
I need you to soften my heartTo break me apartI need you pierce through the darkAnd cleanse every part of me


Bridge:I may be weakYour spirit strong in meMy flesh may failMy God you never will (repeat)


  1. You are an amazing woman and God has always had your life planned out...from the moment he allowed me to conceive you after all those years. I am blessed that you are my daughter. Your morals and strength makes me know I need to work on that part of my life....I love you very very much! Keep on with that Faith...because God will bring you the rest of your life's blessings!

  2. what great quotations and reminders to keep the faith -- great blog! <3