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Sunday, January 20, 2013

school days. school days. golden rule days.

School days. School days. Golden rule days!
my dad would always tell Jack and I that when he'd wake us up in the morning for school, along with...
Good morning breakfast lovers a howdy do!

Last week was the first week of school! So it was basically syllabus week, which is fine by me! All of my friends and I have been talking and we definitely soaked up as much laziness over the break as we could! Well it is back to the grind now.

This semester of classes will certainly be interesting to say the least! Many of you know I am studying student affairs, but most of you probably have no clue what student affairs means. To sum it up really quickly, this profession is to continue working with college students in all areas other than academia, such as being a professor. Well I guess there are classes that student affairs professional could teach, but that could get tricky. Admission, Greek Life, Student Activities, Residential Life, Career Services, Student Success...Anyway you get the point.

This semester my cohort has the opportunity to have a class taught by our current Vice President of Student Affairs! We are extremely excited for his class. It's on current student affairs issues. We are going to be talking and writing (A LOT OF WRITING) on all of the hot topics going on in student affairs divisions across the country! Should be a good class.

This semester I am in an Ethics and Law class for student affairs! Yikes! I am definitely nervous about this one. I know nothing about this subject. I guess that is why it is called learning...joy!

I am extremely excited about my last two classes! The American College Student (And their environments)  and Counseling and Helping skills for student affairs. These two classes are strictly focused on the student. As of now I think the counseling class will be my favorite...mostly because I am excited to share what I learn with my old roomie from NSU. She was a psych major and we loved to talk about all kinds of psych/counseling type things!

My classes are certainly going to be an experience, but what is more exciting/interesting/etc is my graduate assistantship! I have only worked one week so far, but I know it is going to be an amazing semester. I am working in the First Year Initiative Office. This office focuses on first year students through tutoring, programing, scholarships, and general support to keep them interested in Southern Miss, so they will not transfer or drop out, but will graduate from this university!

I have three areas of focus as of now, managing the tele-counseling center, managing the FYI tutoring labs, and assisting with the leadership lunch series! More on all of that later!

The semester is going to be crazy busy...so feel free to send good vibes and prayers my way!

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