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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

learning something new each day

Today was the second day of Phi Mu Consultant training.  And let me just say what a blessing it is to be given this opportunity. They are treating us like princesses.  I certainly cannot complain about that.  This year is going to be a crazy adventure especially since I now know my schedule for at least up to September 26th (sorry mom...I won't be visiting you until after that date). I'll be making 14 visits all over the country before then end of the month of September.  So exciting!  

While I am at leadership training I am learning that no matter what my brother or father thinks I am not as much of a preppy princess as they probably think I am.  I just started wearing nike shorts, realized what Lilly Pulitzer was, and found out the true meaning of a "frat strap" more commonly known as a "krogie" derived from the root word "kroger strap".  Interesting information....plus Lilly Pulitzer even carries krogies.  I guess that is a good thing to know.

Yes we all like to be silly and discuss the what the "cool" thing is for Greek Life, but that is not all that Phi Mu is about.  We are about sisters.  LOVE. HONOR. TRUTH. We are learning skills to become better leaders, sisters, and women.  We strive to live vibrant lives.  

Today we learned all about Extension and the adventure that will soon take place at the University of Kentucky!  Remember that Pink goes with everything! We also found out some new and exciting information for all of our Phi Mu chapters especially the officers! Phi Mu is taking huge steps towards an even brighter future filled with creative ideas and potential to change women's lives and inspire to continue this magnificent rippling effect.

I love Phi Mu with all of my heart.  The year has only begun, but I can see it already passing by too quickly.


  1. Julie you are too cute! I bet you are having loads of fun! You will have to let me know if USCupstate is on you list of visits :)

  2. Okay... so September seems far away...but I will give you up until then because I know that the rest of the world needs you too....and I am a "sharing" kind of MOM! I know this is going to be an unbelievable year....I keep saying "Have a Blast!!!" But I really think this is an understatement...YOU take them by STORM, Julz...or better yet....a Louisiana HURRICANE! All of the schools you visit are going to love this little Cajun Queen! Love you...Momma!